Jean-Marc Lelong’s Biography

Jean-Marc Lelong’s Biography (1949 – 2004)

Jean-Marc Lelong
Jean-Marc Lelong – Photo copyright Diament

Birth: Feb. 1, 1949 Tours, France
Death: Feb. 24, 2004 Tours, France

He was a comic book illustrator who worked for the magazine Glacial fluid and is the author Series Carmen Cru.

After living in Africa, he became a professional illustrator. Two years later, its first page was published in the series “Mr. Emile” in the newspaper with a driver Senario Christian Barre. From 1982, worked for Lelong Fluid Glacial, where he began his series about the old lady Carmen Cru. Carmen Cru was published in albums from 1984 and the last and 7th album in 2001.

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