Transcriptions and Arrangements for Guitar on request by Michel Lelong

Michel Lelong - David Evans (USA) 2011 - Jam
Michel Lelong – David Evans (Musician and Musicologist from Memphis Unniversity -USA) 2011 – Jam


by Michel Lelong

If you would like a transcription of your favorite tune  or an arrangement (written in tablature and/or music), do not hesitate to send me an e-mail, eventually with an mp3 of your choice;

I will tell you what can I do and I will give an estimate.

In option, it is also possible to record a demo or a guitar lesson on your personal request. I send the material attached in an e-mail (PDF tab) or by Dropbox, Hightail, Wetransfer.

The video lesson will be send by a private Youtube link.


All the tabs are from my hand, my personnal transcriptions, I don’t copy the others… Notice: Most of my pdf tabs are handwritten and always include rhythm, chord diagrams, and fingerings. I can write the tab on Guitar Pro format if you prefer.

Musical bio : Teenager, I studied seriously music theory and ear training, and I was raise in the american traditionnal music thru my oldest brothers who were fond of blues, old-time music, jazz, rag etc. I teach guitar professionally since 38 years. In the 90’s, I wrote four books for Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop with audio lessons on Merle TravisC.Atkins & J.Reed styles. For a french publisher “” I also made two instructionnals videos on Country guitar techniques, Celtic guitar techniques and a book with CD of 99 examples on the “acoustic” blues guitar techniques and styles… Also I published six booklets with audio lessons on guitar fingerstyle techniques thru the Mailody Association…