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Then take private guitar lesson by mail or “on line” suitable for any level!

All the transcriptions are made by Michel Lelong, professional player and trainer since more 30 years, These multimedia tutorials take you step-by-step through the fundamentals of guitar playing. These guitar lessons, focus on Country-Blues, Folk and Celtic musics (finger-picking and flat-picking techniques) are accessible to everyone.

During the 90’s, Michel Lelong published 4 books with instructionnal audio lessons for Stefan Grossman’s Guitar Workshop (USA) on Merle TravisChet Atkins, Jerry Reed...

For a french publisher (play-music.com) Michel Lelong also realised two instructionnal videos on Country Guitar Techniques and Celtic guitar , and an Instructionnal Book with CD on the “Acoustic Blues Techniques”.

How? Differents formulas

The cost: send us an e-mail for information

Notice: My tabs are “Rhythmic” and also include all the “Right hand / left hand”Necessary fingerings.

A- with customised teacher corrections

The student have to play or record his sversion of the tune to get the guitar teacher customised corrections.

1- No “Virtual meeting”, this formula gives you the time to pratice

I send you the video(s) and mp3 (audio files) and the tab in pdf file. You take your time to practice then you start to record your work, do not hesitate to ask me any questions. And do not worry for the mistakes, it is normal, just play your guitar exactly when you play alone… Send me the file, and I will give you my notices, suggestions and advices…

  • For your records, you need:
    • a basic webcam.
    • usb microphone plug is sufficient (I recommend “Go mic” of “Samson”)
    • The free software “Audacity” (virtual recorder)

2 – By virtual appointment with webcam thru skype, gmail

For your records, you will just need a basic webcam.

B- No teacher correction (economic)

See the catalog

No student recordings to send to guitar teacher.

Suggestions before to start the lessons

  • First: if you are a real beginner, just send an email with your requirements (favourite styles etc.)
  • Second: if you are not a real beginner, it is better to send a recording to me of an video or audio demonstration with some tunes you like to play.

It is not necessary to make a C.D. Album – do not worry about any mistakes or the sound quality, just record in mp3, you will find the freeware mp3 recorder audacity on the web. As usb microphone, I suggest that one “Go mic” of samson.

The recording will allow me to hear your “Technique” and enable me to adjust the level of teaching for the first and following lessons.

How to pay ?

Paypal payment accepted

Send us an e-mail to with just your e-mail adress and you will be mail by Paypal will set about the paiment on line between us.

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Tel: +33 (0)2 47 75 19 26