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Free tablatures

On this page you will find free tablatures in the format “Guitar Pro” or pdf.

Note: to read tablature “Guitar pro.”, you should at least download the demo software, at the following address:
Official website of guitar pro – tablature editing software.
You can also find them in pdf format.

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Keep on pickin’

Ragtime / Blues

Cameleon RagMichel Lelong © Guitar ProPDF
Nobody knows you when you're out and downJ. Cox - arrgt Michel Lelong ©Guitar ProPDF
Bumble Bee Memphis Minnie - arrgt Mance Lipcomb © - trans Michel LelongGuitar ProPDF
Midnight SpecialLeadbelly - arrgt Michel Lelong ©Guitar ProPDF
I'm satisfiedTrad. arrgt Mississippi John Hurt - trans Michel Lelong ©Guitar ProPDF

Celtique / Folk / Country

Foggy DewTrad. Irlandais - Arrgt Michel LelongGuitar ProPDF
SiverLineIrish Trad. - Arrgt Michel LelongGuitar ProPDF
John Tyan's PolkaIrish Trad -
Arrgt Michel Lelong
Guitar ProPDF

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Except the tabs "Hotchpotch" et "Sittin' on top of the world", one PDF and one MP3 are present for each tablature.
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Sittin' on the top of the worldGuitar notes and tablaturesBluesTraditionnel
Tuesday in DecemberGuitar notes and tablaturesCeltique
The daughters of ErinGuitar notes and tablaturesCeltique Irish trad - arrgt Lelong Michel
Sonny's MazurkaGuitar notes and tablaturesCeltique Irish trad - arrgt Lelong Michel
Mazurka de ServantGuitar notes and tablaturesCeltiqueTrad. Auvergnat -
France - arrgt Michel Lelong
Blue Devils FlowersGuitar notes and tablaturesRagtime
The Goo-Goo ragGuitar notes and tablaturesRagtime
Six strings ragGuitar notes and tablaturesRagtime
Cameleon ragGuitar notes and tablaturesRagtime
Five years agoGuitar notes and tablaturesFolk
Wayfaring strangerGuitar notes and tablaturesFolkNorth american trad - arrgt. Michel Lelong
Hotchpotch (Tribute to Jerry Reed)Guitar notes and tablaturesJazz
Chester Swing - first partGuitar notes and tablaturesJazzSwing finger-picking
Chester Swing - second partGuitar notes and tablaturesJazzSwing finger-picking
Bibi smileGuitar notes and tablaturesJazzSwing finger-picking

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Copyright © Michel Lelong